Adjustment Techniques at Living Tree Chiropractic vary greatly so that all patients can find comfort in their treatment. Techniques include Flexion-Distraction, Thompson Drop, Activator Methods, Gonstead, Diversified, and Charrette Extremity adjusting.


Hill AirFlexII is a revolutionary air powered table that offers drop and flexion-distraction technologies for low impact adjustments. It also provides decompression by utilizing a unique auto-distraction feature. 

Activator Methods is a highly researched form of mechanical adjusting. It offers an extremely low impact and repeatable adjustment. This form of adjusting is based on providing precision and a consistent frequency.

Anatamotor Massager is a therapeutic mechanical massage bed. It has a unique design with an oscillating table top that passes back and forth over two pairs of deep-kneading rollers. It is designed to help with spinal mobility, muscular relaxation, and improved vascular and lymphatic circulation.

Ultrasound therapy utilizes sound waves to penetrate the body to provide a deep heating therapeutic effect. It is designed to treat a variety of soft-tissue conditions by improving blood flow to the area in order to stimulate healing. 

E-stim, or electrical stimulation, comes in many forms. The general concept is that it utilizes electrode pads in contact with the skin to pass electrical currents between one another. These currents pass through muscles and other soft tissues to either block pain signals, relax muscle spasms, or improve local blood flow.

Auto-distraction, or otherwise termed decompression, is a unique therapy designed to repeatedly increase and relax disc space leading to imbibition. Imbibition is a term used for the reuptake of water into the disc. The goal is for the water to rehydrate the disc in order to maintain the increased space and relieve pressure off the nerve.